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February 11-13, 2021

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Founded in 2018 with the first event in February 2019, the annual WE Ignite Women’s Conference offers opportunities for women to share their expertise and learn from each other. By attending the conference, you will make lasting connections, gain knowledge, find inspiration and magnify the vision for your professional and personal lives.

In 2021, we anticipate the third annual WE Ignite Women’s Conference to reach record-breaking attendance as we move to a virtual platform.

WE Ignite 2021 – Empowering Women will serve attendees with conversations about connection, inspiration and empowerment related to women's health, wealth, innovation and civics.

WE Ignite 2021

Empowering Women

February 11-13, 2021

Conference Schedule

February 11, 2021

WE Ignite founder and CEO, Erin Long shares her visionary story with conference attendees. Learn the purpose behind the conference, the passion that continues to motivate her and the gift of mentorship she cherishes deeply.

We cannot move the needle in the realm of social justice until we understand the importance of Allyship. My talk will include examples of my own need for Allyship, as well as stories of my own attempts to be a better ally for others. And finally, why allyship is necessary for and vital to our collective emotional intelligence, (whether you like it or not).

How are you getting in your own way and staying stuck in struggles that are holding you back from owning your gifts - gifts that the world desperately needs? During this talk, Sara will walk you through necessary steps to bring you back to yourself and into your gifts after the chaos and destruction of 2020. By the end of this talk, you will know exact steps you can take to restore hope, power & connection in your daily life.

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Appreciation, gratitude, and conference overview.

February 12, 2021

Welcome back and overview of days' agenda.

We are all motivated by different things at different times in our lives, and yet we are more often taught to buy-in to motivational constructs that stress competition, financial gain, and peer recognition as success. Often, a mindfulness attitude is thought to be counter to getting ahead, but that all depends on how you define getting ahead. Julie will discuss her views on what matters most - our constant.

Throughout time women have been innovative and determined in pursuit of their goals and yet their stories of success have not made it into the history books. Nicola will introduce you to The Women's Commonwealth of Texas, a story from the late 1800s that will inspire and encourage you to ignite your fire.

Have you ever been told you're "too direct," or feel like you don't understand what others want? Or on the other side, do you think others are often too confrontational? These are Ask vs Offer Culture differences. Ask folks believe it's ok to ask anything, because it's ok to say no, while Offer folks prioritize not imposing on others. It's a culture clash that isn't often recognized, yet causes quite a bit of tension and frustration. This talk will cover the nuances of these different communication styles, as well as strategies for bridging the gap. Gaining an understanding of these differences and learning specific tactics for a professional context will make you a drastically more effective communicator.

The purpose of this inclusive playnote presentation is to inspire and motivate the audience at WE Ignite to become inclusive changemakers who want to make a difference in their community. This interactive presentation is designed to empower the attendees to cultivate empathy, compassion and understanding for others that are different from themselves. They will have an opportunity to reflect on their own unconscious bias and recognize their ability to create spaces and places where everyone can thrive. The goal of this interactive presentation is to engage participants in an experience that will allow them to have the confidence and courage v build a more inclusive world and to become UNSTOPPABLE. They will walk away with actionable tools and steps to take to make a powerful difference in their lives and their communities.

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Finding Purpose Post-Pandemic

Mari Wuellner

Stress...You got it! So what are you doing about it?

Michelle Moser


Morghan Milagrosa

Biznality™ + Presence

Abbi Wood

How to Turn Your Expertise Into an Online Business

Lindsey Anderson

Reimagining Wealth

Dragonfly De La Luz

Spark Panel 1: Bridging the Gavel Gap

Moderator: Wende Sanderson. Panelists: Cecily C. Hazelrigg, Dianne Goddard, Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski, Jenifer Howson, & Laura Riquelme

Spark Panel 2: HERstory - Gender Stories from the Workplace

Moderator: Dr. Terri Wattawa. Panelists: Julie Blazek, Shirley Yap, & Tiffani Candler

Crisis Proof Your Relationship With Food

Tiffany Thoen, RN

Brilliance for 2021

Christine Rose & Nan Hamilton

yehaw' ~ Embracing Our Power: Tools for Resiliency

Shelly Vendiola

The Confidence Equation

Rebecca Pierce Murray

Sharing From the Heart: How to Connect Through Video Storytelling

Quinn Rose

The Power of Facebook Groups and Online Communities for Your Business

Megan Jerrard

Taking the Fear Away From Accounting & Taxes

Megan Justice

Social Media Marketing - Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Kristen Keltz & Melyssa Whitener

Spark Panel 3: Key Life Decisions

Moderator: Stephanie Hooper. Panelists: Christie Winter, Emily Rose Mowrey, Kimberlee M. Ray, & Yulia Garrison

Appreciation, gratitude, and conference overview.

February 13, 2021

Welcome back and overview of days' agenda.

Over half of Americans suffer from mental illness, and if someone you know is one of them, you probably want to help them out in any way you can. Unfortunately, some of the most common ways of supporting them and the most common things we say are the most hurtful, and they can drive a wedge between you two faster than you can imagine.

In this presentation, Jessi covers the best way to support your loved one who's struggling with their mental health while keeping yourself safe in the process. You will learn...

  • The eight things you should never say to someone who's struggling
  • Five ways you can successfully support them
  • The importance of keeping yourself safe during the process

Do you know someone who is gay or transgender? What is the difference between gender identity and sexuality? Why are there so many terms? These are all great questions that will be answered along with an easy guide on how to be an ally to our loved ones. We will also be able to talk about how to create a welcoming work place and how to handle tough conversations.

This community building experience will create an opportunity for attendees to build authentic and meaningful connection with others. Marli will provide fun, unique, and inspiring breakout rooms for the attendees to reflect, connect, and share with each other what they are learning from the keynotes and workshops. Participants will increase and integrate what they are learning while connecting in meaningful ways with others. Oh yeah, and have a good time!

Coming Soon

Meet the Speakers

Meet the Inspirational women who will share their authentic stories of connection, inspiration and empowerment with you.

Abbi Wood headshot

Abbi Wood

Annette Pankey headshot

Annette Pankey

Judge Cecily C. Hazelrigg headshot

Judge Cecily C. Hazelrigg

Christine Rose headshot

Christine Rose

Christie Winter headshot

Christie Winter

Danielle Graber headshot

Danielle Graber

Dragonfly De La Luz headshot

Dragonfly De La Luz

Dianne Goddard headshot

Judge Dianne Goddard

Judge Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski headshot

Judge Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski

Emily Rose Mowrey headshot

Emily Rose Mowrey

Judge Jenifer Howson headshot

Judge Jenifer Howson

Jessi Beyer headshot

Jessi Beyer

Julie Blazek headshot

Julie Blazek

Katherine Wu headshot

Katherine Wu

Kimberlee M. Ray headshot

Kimberlee M. Ray

Kristen Keltz headshot

Kristen Keltz

Laura Cathcart Robbins headshot

Laura Cathcart Robbins

Laura Riquelme headshot

Judge Laura Riquelme

Lindsey Anderson headshot

Lindsey Anderson

Mari Wuellner headshot

Mari Wuellner

Marli Williams headshot

Marli Williams

Meg Jerrard headshot

Meg Jerrard

Megan Justice headshot

Megan Justice

Melyssa Whitener headshot

Melyssa Whitener

Michelle Moser headshot

Michelle Moser

Morgan Curry headshot

Morgan Curry

Morghan Milagrosa headshot

Morghan Milagrosa

Nan Hamilton headshot

Nan Hamilton

Nicola Pearson headshot

Nicola Pearson

Quinn Rose headshot

Quinn Rose

Randi Breuer headshot

Randi Breuer

Rebecca Pierce Murray headshot

Rebecca Pierce Murray

Sara Dean headshot

Sara Dean

Shelly Vendiola headshot

Shelly Vendiola

Shirley Yap headshot

Shirley Yap

Stephanie Hooper headshot

Stephanie Hooper

Dr. Terri Wattawa headshot

Dr. Terri Wattawa

Tiffani Candler headshot

Tiffani Candler

Tiffany Thoen headshot

Tiffany Thoen

Wende Sanderson headshot

Wende Sanderson

Yulia Garrison headshot

Yulia Garrison


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WE Ignite 2021

Empowering Women

February 11-13, 2021

Attending the WE Ignite Women’s Conference will expand your mind, encourage your heart and connect you to women from all areas of our community in ways you have yet to imagine.

I left WE Ignite 2020 feeling inspired and on fire heading into a new role at a non-profit organization. My vision for the future was more clear and my passion for inspiring others became evident.


Attending WE Ignite fills my heart. Each year when I leave I walk around after feeling as if I’m 7 feet tall. Telling myself "Rawr, you can do this!"


One of the best, and most inspiring conferences I've attended and presented for! Erin and her dynamic team are fantastic! Thank you for bringing this community together!


Such a powerful event and a lot of fun. Thank you!


Erin, thanks for inspiring us! What a fun, thoughtful and love filled event! ❤️


A wonderful event! I will be forever a participant ♥️


The work you're doing is impacting and resonating in so many directions, all around you. I love it! It was beautiful to see and witness local community with diversity represented. Absolutely beautiful.
I hope to connect with so many as a result of the event that -- surprise surprise -- you intended for connection!


WE Ignite is a unique and powerful opportunity to bring connection and empowerment into your life. Those qualities are often undervalued and we take those feelings where we can get them in our lives, but to commit to a day (or two!) with the sole purpose of bringing connection and empowerment into your life is amazing and there are few opportunities like that. This is one of them. And to be doing that with so many other women who are inspired by the same purpose magnifies the effect. Like a good concert, you will never regret taking this time for yourself.


Erin, what an amazing event. Your dream has helped realize dreams for so many of us. Thank you!!


WE Ignite has created so much power and magic for me and 200 women over the last 2 days.


The most empowering event I've been to in years! What a champion, visionary, a class act Erin is.


Met some amazing women, and saw some familiar leaders. Thank you for having me. Would love to be a vendor again next year.


The participants in the Skagit Valley College Bachelor in Management program who were there last night raved about it. We talked about in class today and next year, I’ll be bringing my entire 4th years to the conference for both days. Thank you for inspiring my program members - they were charged, revved and empowered.


Best day!!!! Can’t wait for next year.



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