2023 WE Ignite Speaker

Ashley Fontaine
Ashley Fontaine

Ashley Fontaine

Strategist. Author. Changemaker.

Ashley Fontaine is the Chief Badassery Officer at Flux AF Consulting, where she helps leaders meet the opportunities and challenges ahead of them with equal parts strategy and creativity. Kiss “we’ve always done it that way” goodbye, because if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

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You know that feeling, when a small decision like what kind of bread to buy sends you down the rabbit hole. Suddenly 20 minutes have passed and you're still standing rooted in aisle 3 without any bread in your cart? Yeah, that's decision fatigue. It happens when we're burned out and tired. Every decision feels like it's taking a tremendous amount of brain power. And if you’re neurodiverse like me, it might be that your optimizer went a little overboard. In this workshop we’ll go through an exercise to identify and ground yourself in your personal values. Then create values statements and guiding questions to help you make decisions.
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What IS curiosity? What inspires curiosity for you? Learn how this underrated superpower can change the way you interact with and build relationships with other people, and the way you approach conflict. Curiosity is a superpower for creating the kind of cultures we all want to be part of, where we feel valued and seen – and it’s a secret ingredient in allyship and anti-oppression work. Together we’ll practice what seems so simple in theory: asking questions and creating space for the answers.