2023 WE Ignite Speaker

Quinn Rose
Quinn Rose

Quinn Rose

Creative Strategist & Communications Consultant

Recently back from Brazil, Quinn Rose is our resident storytelling expert. Her first documentary went viral and was mentioned in a federal ruling and her trilingual reporting on the Olympics reached a tv audience of over a billion people. Through extended solo travel, psychedelics, and activism, Quinn has built a life based on intuition and heart-centered work.


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What happens in one’s business is a reflection of what’s inside the person running it. We are living through a crisis of mental health. It’s never been more important to take action to care for and protect our own wellness. Join this interactive session for honest discussion, stories, and resources about the New Psychedelic Revolution and its growing impact on mental wellness worldwide.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Join Quinn, fresh off the plane from Brazil — where she went from Wellbutrin to Wellness in her first week and went on to remove the crust covering her light through living in a favela, Ayahuasca journeying, and more. Walk away with inspiration and actionable concepts for your own journey.