2024 WE Ignite Speaker

Camerina Zorrozua
Camerina Zorrozua

Camerina Zorrozua

Camerina Zorrozua is the Co-Founder and Legal Director at The Way To Justice. Camerina is a Chicana activist and attorney born and raised in Eastern Washington. Camerina is the namesake of her beloved grandmother who immigrated to the United States from Mexico in 1932.

Camerina completed the Running Start Program while attending Cheney High School. She obtained her BA at Western Washington University in 2000. From 2001-2004 she attended Gonzaga School of Law. Camerina has been practicing since 2005.

Camerina's work at The Way to Justice is focused on providing low-income clients with legal assistance and advocacy to promote successful reentry, post-conviction relief, racial justice, systems accountability, and community-led reforms.

Before transitioning into nonprofit work in 2017, Camerina oversaw criminal and family law caseloads with the Maxey Law Office.

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Camerina Zorrozua will discuss how her perspective on the law has changed and evolved over time, and how people, art, and politics have influenced her work and inspired the next phase of her journey to "Do Justice."